Fascinated About Organic Nail Polishes? Here Are The Advantages!

There is a new type of nail polish on the scene.

This one promises to be kid-friendly and non-toxic.

It is even edible if you can believe it.

These new nail polishes are popping up all over and what earns them the title of truly unique is the fact they are made entirely out of fruits and vegetables and other organic material.

Your child could drink the entire bottle and suffer no ill effects, other than it may not taste too good.

We do not advise that but you could with no worries.

So what are some other advantages of these?

Advantages Of Organic Nail Polishes

Advantages Of Organic Nail Polishes

Most of these organic nail polishes are made to peel off or to be washed off by simply using soap and water.

They do not stain the nails, but they will stain clothing and other materials they come in contact with.

As a result, you should use caution to make sure you are coloring your nails on something that you don’t mind getting nail polish on if it were to happen.

Advantage #1 Removable Without Nail Polish

Removable Without Nail Polish

There is no need for harsh nail polish remover or other chemical means of removal, unlike traditional nail polishes.

A vegan, someone who does not consume or use any animal by-product, invented the first of these nail polishes.

Most traditional nail polishes, and even some nail polish removers, contain gelatin, which is an animal by-product made from collagen.

Collagen is harvested from certain raw animal products such as bone.

Advantage #2 No Harmful Chemicals Used

The original creator of these organic polishes also took note that many children labeled nail polishes still contained harmful chemicals.

Some of these chemicals in common nail polishes are:

  • Toluene and related chemicals.
  • Dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and other phthalates.
  • Formaldehyde, formaldehyde resin, toluene sulfonamide, and formaldehyde resin (TSFR)
  • Ethyl tosylamide.
  • Triphenyl phosphate.
  • Xylene, benzene, and related chemicals.

According to leafscore.com

We will list some of these great companies that have cut all these chemicals out with more organic and sustainable nail polish options.

Stick with us.

Advantage #3 Completely Vegan Friendly

organic non toxic nail polish

Companies started to notice this and thus set out on a mission to create something that was truly vegan-friendly.

There have since been many other companies to jump on the chemical-free organic nail polish bandwagon.

The question is, are these polishes what they claim to be and how safe are they?

That question is not as simple as it would first appear to be.

It depends entirely on the brand you are buying and what their list of ingredients is.

For most companies, they give a full detailed list of exactly what is in their polish.

Advantage #4 Ingredients You Can Read


To know how safe it is, and if it matches what it claims to be, read that list of ingredients carefully.

Chances are if you can read and understand every ingredient on that list, then yes, the product is what it claims to be.

Don’t be afraid to look up any term or ingredient you may not understand.

If you are still in doubt, contact a representative for the companies and they can point you to resources to better help you.

Many of these companies are extremely proud of their products especially if they are in the eco-friendly space.

Most would be very happy to work with you and give you any information you require.

The fact is, in this form of beauty supply, not all polish is created equal.

Some claim to be completely natural, but they are not.

They contain preservatives that are not of a natural origin.

Another frequent question is how these polishes stack up to a traditional polish.

To be honest, that is like comparing, well, apples to formaldehyde.

Okay, There Must Be Disadvantages Right?

This is true there are some hiccups with these organic nail polishes but we think they are worth the try.

The safer fruit and vegetable polishes are more like a stain than a true polish.

Easy enough to stop from happening if you have a steady hand.

But you will not achieve the same opaque look as you would with traditional forms of nail polish.

The colors tend to be a bit lighter and as a result will need a few more coats to be truly effective and stunning look you want.

They also do not apply as neatly, but they do tend to go on smoothly.

If you are looking for a product that is a duplicate exactly like traditional polishes commonly found in stores these types of polish are simply not going to be a perfect match.

Advantages #5 Organic Nail Polish Has No Nasty Smells

Another benefit to these polishes is that they are odorless and do not put off that awful smell as traditional polishes do.

They do have a slight vegetable or fruit scent, but it dissipates quickly and is barely noticeable.

With no harmful fumes, you can use them in any space without fear of needing ventilation or of aggravating anyone who may share the space with you.

Advantage #6 Organic Nail Polish Is Safe For Animals

These products are also safe to use with animals.

Your pooch or cat can lick the polish away to their heart’s content, and it will never hurt them.

Do be advised that these polishes could stain a pale-colored fur, and because they are a thinner formula, they tend to drip more.

Use caution when painting a pet’s nails. (if you are into that type of thing)

No one wants to see red paw prints across their kitchen floor at ten in the morning before they have even had their coffee.

Color selection is being limited at the moment when it comes to these types of polish but more and more are coming out monthly as popularity grows.

The most common colors available are

  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Orange
  • Pink

The colors are limited by what vegetables and fruits will work and have the desired effect while keeping in range of their product specifications.

Many of the companies making these products are constantly working on new shade variances.

If you are interested in a particular shade, contact a representative from the company.

Ask them about shades you are fascinated with and if there are any plans to make that color in the future.

It is the best way to find out if the company can offer what you seek.

Advantage #7 Organic Nail Polish Is Comparable In Price

What is the price comparison between a bottle of this polish and traditional polish?

That comparison can range but we find they can be the same price or even cheaper than some of the brands on the market.

I have seen these polishes for sale with prices ranging from $6 up to $12 a bottle and the price usually goes up for more popular colors.

However, the bottles are a little bigger, and if you are a person that buys high-priced nail polish, there is not that large of a difference in prices.

Tasting Organic Nail Polish

Organic Nail Polish

How do they taste?

Let me start by saying I could not pull myself to do a taste test on these.

For this section I had to see what other said by doing some research for this section.

Most people that have reviewed these products compare the taste to baby food.

The vegetable bases do not taste like the fresh version of what they are made from.

The reason for that is because even though they are organic the juices and materials used are still put through processing, and that is reflective in the taste they present.

Some of the companies we recommend that are completely organic and non-toxic


Organic nail polish is just another tool in an eco-friendly person tool box.

Any step no matter how small to become more eco-friendly and sustainable is a win and these products do just that.

These polishes are just as easy to use as traditional nail polish with none of the more threatening aspects of traditional polish.

If you are looking for something fun and new, or you just want to paint Fido’s nails, this type of polish would be a good choice.

Bonus for being kid friendly to let them start testing nail polish that is eco-friendly and safe!

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