Environmentally Friendly Dog Food – For The Lovers

Environmentally friendly dog food because here at Just Eco Friendly we know you love your pets as much as you love the environment.

I know we love ours and as members of our family we want the best health for them and to help the environment around us in the process.

I’m sure you want the same for yours right?

But are they eating as well as they could be?

Do they have allergies that stop them from enjoying life as much as they can?

If so we have a perfect solution for you and your lovely furry friends!

Traditional Dog Food And Treats

Unfortunately, products labeled as safe foods and treats for dogs can sometimes make dogs sick.

Recently, several brands of pig-ear treats for dogs were recalled after the treats were found to contain salmonella. 
Salmonella– is a bacterial infection of the intestinal tract that can cause stomach cramps, fever, and diarrhea in people and pets.

Some pet owners who handled the salmonella-laden pig-ear treats got sick with the disease, even when their pets were fine. 
Recent alerts have been issued for multiple brands of grain-free dog foods.

While scientists are not sure that the specific pet foods are the problem, numerous dogs who ate grain-free kibble formulations developed weakened hearts and cardiac disease that sometimes led to death.

This is why picking and eco-friendly dog food is even more important than ever.

Until veterinarians and researchers pinpoint the cause for the growing numbers of cardiac-related dog deaths among grain-free-food eating dogs, you may want to avoid feeding your pet any dog food that’s labeled grain-free. 
Dogs with organ failure, including pets with liver or kidney disease, should be fed specialty diets or eco-friendly alternatives like the one we spotlighted later in this article.

Some commercial dog foods may make kidney or liver problems worse.

A lot of the common issues health issues of your dog can be tracked back to the diet and the foods they are eating.

Some dog treats pose choking hazards and other health issues for dogs. Ingredients in some dog treats may pose a higher risk of cancer or kidney disease in pets. 

Wild Earth dog foods are specifically trying to stop all of them or even correct these common issues by offering their eco-friendly and pet-friendly dog food and treats.

Canine treats you should avoid feeding to your pet include the following: 

  • Rawhide chews 
  • Large raw bones and knuckles 
  • Jerky treats 
  • Artificially colored treats 
  • Butylated hydroxyanisole(BHA)-containing treats 
  • Sugary treats (or treats with sugar substitutes like sorbitol) 

Pay attention to warnings and recalls of pet foods and treats, so you can avoid feeding your pet any canine food or snack that makes you and/or your pet sick.

Keep the packaging from dog treats, kibble, and canned foods until the products are fully consumed.

That way, if there’s a recall of a specific brand or type of dog consumable, you can check the codes on the packaging to see if your bags, cans, pouches, or boxes of dog edibles are included in the recalled product list.

Or what I recommend staying away from the big bulk traditional brands and go with a healthier alternative.

Wild Earth Dog Food

Wild Earth was started because the company founders were fed up and tired with the dog food industry.

It saw that what they were making in their products wasn’t doing right by the animals we love and the planet we share with them.

As a result, almost all companies use an unhealthy meat dependency in the making of their pet foods.

Most of the time, meat in your pet food means bad ingredients with bad practices which in turn means bad health for your fluffy friend.

All this in combination is bad news for pets, pet parents and the planet as a whole and we know this is the opposite of what you’re trying to accomplish.

This is why Wild Earth wanted to come up with a new kind of dog food—a better one.

They accomplish this with

  • The plant-based recipe that’s simply made better.
  • High-quality ingredients
  • Cruelty-free ingredients
  • Sustainable sourcing that’s better for the planet.

Rested assured that all these mean better health for your furry friends and the planet. All working hand and hand for a better life!

—-> Wild Earth dog food has over 2,000+ happy pet parent reviews! <—-

Ethically Sourced Eco-Friendly Dog Food

Environmentally Friendly Dog Food
Environmentally Friendly Dog Food

Did you know that a quarter of all the meat consumed in the United States is eaten by our pets?

As a result, that’s the equivalent to the amount devoured by 26 million Americans, and it makes U.S. cats and dogs equal to the fifth largest country in terms of animal protein consumption.

Yet the impact pet food has on the environment and climate change, how healthy or necessary it is for our animal companions, or how it impacts the welfare of the farmed animals who become that food are barely known or ignored―even by animal lovers!

Wild Earth and the clean pet food revolution lifts the lid on this more in detail in their book you can purchase by clicking here.

Best Environmentally Friendly Dog Food for Allergies

Reading above you can already see a bad brew of things wrong with most pet foods on the market today.

  • FACT: Did you know 10% of all allergy cases in dogs are food allergies. The most common allergens are beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish.

Firstly, this is the exact reason Wild Earth has designed its product to mitigate these allergies from playing a role in your furry friend’s life.

That’s something that would be amazing wouldn’t it?

Seeing how allergies can trigger anything from chronic ear inflammation, gastrointestinal problems, and chronic diarrhea to chronic gas, licking their feet, or an itchy rear end.

No one wants that for the life of their furry family members am I right?

Most importantly, their eco-friendly pet food and recipes were specifically designed for healthier and better for your pets.

Vegan Dog Food

Eco-friendly vegan dog food

Wild Earth is not your ordinary pet food. It’s also eco-friendly vegan well.

Firstly, they have a clean protein formula that is loaded with all 10 essential amino acids dogs need while using 90% fewer resources required than meat-based dog food.

Below is a small list of ingredients

  • Dried Yeast
  • Chickpeas
  • Oats
  • Peas
  • Pea Protein
  • Potato Protein
  • Canola Oil
  • Sweet Potato
  • Flaxseed Meal
  • Sunflower Oil
  • Salt
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries
  • Pumpkin
  • Spinach

These are just a few of many great and healthy vegan-based ingredients they have in their eco-friendly vegan dog food.

Wild Earth For Healthy Pups!

If you’re looking for your furry friends to have

  • More energy
  • Fewer allergies
  • Shiner coats
  • Healthier weights

Most importantly, all while being environmentally conscious in the process then you can not go wrong with Wild Earth.

This company has the best intentions for the health of your family member and with just as much intended for the health of the earth.

3 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly Dog Food – For The Lovers

  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for sharing this article on environmentally friendly dog food. Just like you, I have a dog, she’s my best friend and just as I love her, I also love my environment. Since wild earth food is eco friendly vegan, it’s what I’ll be giving to my pet. These ingredients listed out would make my best friend very healthy and also keep the earth healthy. Thank you for the 50% discount, I’ll use the link to get wild earth food for my best friend. 

  2. This is something I’ve never thought about but as a vegan myself and a dog owner this is right up my street! I’ve always bought my dog good dog food with no nasty additives but I wouldn’t have thought to buy him vegan dog food. This is a wonderful idea and if I can do even more for the planet and for the animals I’ll definitely be doing it.

    Thank you for the money off voucher as well, makes it even more of a no brainier!

    1. So glad our review could bring value to you and your furry friend. It is a topic that a lot of people don’t know is an alternative and brings health benefits as well.

      Thanks for the comment and we hope to chat with you on other articles!

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