Helpful Eco Cleaning Products That Bring Excitement To Your Home

A company that has changed Eco Cleaning products in a creative and unique way!

Firstly, let’s be honest no one loves to clean. Am I right?

One thing about Truman’s is they are making innovative products that not only make cleaning easier and more eco-frieldly.

They are making products that are helping the environment and this is why we picked them to spotlight in the spotlight in this article.

Let me start with the bad of most traditional cleaning products for comparison.

Common Toxins In Traditional Cleaning Products

Common toxins in traditional cleaning products

For the most part I think people grab the most convenient thing at the supermarket with no idea the ingredients being used to create them.

Some common toxic chemicals used are

  1. Perchloroethylene (PERC)
    • A potential carcinogen and neurotoxin if inhaled consistently over time
  2. Formaldehyde
    • Has been connected with the onset of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS, a neurodegenerative disease that slowly eliminates the brain’s ability to control the body.
  3. 2-Butoxyethanol
    • Extended exposure to 2-butoxyethanol can cause high-grade liver and kidney damage, narcosis, and pulmonary edema.
  4. Ammonia
    • Prolonged exposure will still affect you and can cause permanent damage to your mucous membranes and cardiovascular system.
  5. Sodium Hydroxide
    • Even mild contact with skin or inhalation can cause severe reactions with sensitive areas. You may feel a burning sensation in your throat or on your skin for days following the use of sodium hydroxide.
  6. Chlorine
    • Prolonged exposure can disrupt thyroid function, irritate the skin, and cause chronic dryness.


Traditional Household Cleaners Hurt Your Furry Friends

Traditional Household Cleaners Hurt Your Furry Friends

Detergents contain ingredients that are absorbed into a dog’s system and cause toxicity if the dog eats some of the cleaning agents.

Other cleaning products are alkaline in nature and cause alkaline poisoning when ingested by dogs.

Acidic cleaning agents are corrosive and very toxic to dogs, too.

Cleaning products must always be kept out of the reach of dogs.

The following products are especially hazardous to pets:

  • Anti-rust compounds
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • Drain openers and drain cleaners
  • Etching compounds
  • Gun-cleaning oils and fluids
  • Liquid dish soap
  • Laundry detergent
  • Radiator cleaner
  • Swimming-pool treatments
  • Toilet-bowl cleaner

Acidic cleaning agents cause pain and tissue damage when the agents come in contact with your dog’s mouth or other body parts.

Alkaline products also cause severe tissue death and burning of the mouth and esophagus.

Severe complications, including pneumonia and difficulty swallowing, can occur after a dog eats any corrosive or detergent-based cleaning product.

Sanitizers and cleaners that include ammonia, chlorine bleach, formaldehyde, and glycol ethers in their ingredients lists are dangerous for dogs.

Many low-cost de-icing salts contain sodium chloride, which can raise your dog’s electrolyte levels and cause skin problems.

Whenever possible, use antifreeze formulations that are labeled as low-toxicity products.

Standard automobile antifreeze contains ethylene glycol, which is both attractive to and highly deadly to dogs.

These are all the more reason to switch to eco-friendly cleaning products to cut all this worry out.

Switching to eco-friendly options can cut worry out that someone you love including your furry friends live a long healthy life away from these products!

5 Benefits Of Using Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products

eco cleaning products

There are tons of reason why you should make the switch to eco-friendly cleaning products.

For this article we will keep it to the top 10.

#1 Healthier Home

Using traditional cleaning products that contain harmful chemicals.

The harsh ingredients do work amazingly well at cleaning but the problem is they negatively affect the home you live in.

Not only your personal health but your animals and family members as well.

A lot of these chemicals recommend using personal protection for you do not touch them because they could have adverse effects on your skin health and your respiratory health.

These types of chemicals are sometimes directly the reason why people dellavolpe conditions like asthma.

No one wants that for your kids or family members do you?

Making the switch will produce a healthier home.

#2 – Safer Products

As mentioned above the chemicals are dangerous and a lot of times cause eye and skin irritation.

The truth is they make more organic and natural cleaning solutions that will not do any of these things.

They are safe for babies, animals, adults and the environment.

With no adverse damage being done to any of them.

#3 – Healthier Environment

These normal everyday cleaning products are not so normal.

If you step into any company in the United States there is a reason why you need all these chemicals listed and stored in certain cabinets.

They not only have possible adverse effects they cause to the user but they have even bigger adverse effects when released into the environment via air or other means.

These chemicals have to be monitored if you own a business for this reason.

#4 – Less Expensive

In most cases, the eco-friendly alternatives are cheaper and do just as well or even better at cleaning.

They have little to no waste in their processes and even work to improve them.

As a result innovative ideas help cut cost of the products you are buying.

Eco-friendly companies are always trying to work on their process to improve the products as well as ways to make it better for the environment as a whole.

#5 – Less Ingredients Or Ingredients You Can Pronounce

For the most part when I see ingredients list and do not have any idea what any of it even means or have a hard time pronouncing the words used this tells me one thing.

You probably do not need to be using it or it could cause some kind of damage to either the user or the environment or both.

Eco-friendly solutions and ingredients can be found in nature and with combining them you can create products.

The best part is you know exactly what is being used.

Who Are The Founders

In this section, we will introduce you to the Co-founders Jon Bostock (left) and Alex Reed (right).

They found a need to change not only cleaning products but how they are made and shipped across the country and world.

From innovative ways of packaging to actually finding creative ways to cost in shipping their products and even how cleaning products are used in your home.

Here is a video of them talking about their product and mission.

What Is Truman’s Mission?

eco cleaning products for your home

Truman’s was originally started because, while they were somewhat obsessed with cleaning, their focus was on reducing waste and clutter.

In their minds, the biggest impact was in the overcrowded world of home cleaning products.

This is where so many specialized cleaners in plastic bottles clamor for our dollars with fresh new scents, trendy colors, and green cleaners that don’t actually clean.

And worst of all the are harmful to us and the environment.

Most of these products having billions of dollars in advertising claiming to be new and improved this and new and improved that.

Only to be the same old product never really innovating in the space of environmental cleaning products.

I’m sure you have found this to be accurate as well right?

Let’s be honest nobody should need a whole section of cleaning products with harsh chemicals cluttering their cabinets.

Ones that have to be locked up from children and animals from getting to them.

Our planet certainly doesn’t need the plastic empties spilling out from landfills across the world.

That’s why they offer non-toxic products that reduce shipping and plastic waste.

They specialize in cleaning products that actually are effective for cleaning your clothes, dishes, and home surfaces.

We don’t want to take up your precious time by telling you what these products can clean.

We will leave you with words from the founders themselves “Everything and the Kitchen Sink”

How They Are Accomplishing Their Mission

Green cleaners that actually clean.

Green cleaners are great (as long as your standard for cleaning is as low as your carbon footprint).

They have created formulas proven in 3rd party tests to outperform many of the brands you know and already use.

They break the supply chain by producing their formulas in the US and focus on simple supply chain techniques.

Clean things come in small packages and they believe in creating one really good product for every cleaning application.

They cut waste in production and packaging design whenever possible.

Eco Cleaning Products They Offer

Firstly, all their cleaners are biodegradable and break down quickly to non-polluting compounds.

Secondly, Truman’s cleaners are non-toxic formulas that are safe to use in homes even with babies.

They designed their products to be able to be refilled using their refill cartridges.

So you no longer have to throw away another plastic bottle again!

These are just some products they offer!

  • Laundry Bars
  • Dishwasher Bars
  • Toilet Bars
  • Surface Care Starter Kits
  • Surface Care Refill Cartridges
  • Truman’s Towels
  • Truman Sponges


With their creativity and their innovations with their products they are cutting waste from landfills.

Their products are taking less fuel and other resources to manufacture and produce.

Their products are both biodegradable and non-toxic.

What more could you ask for in an eco cleaning product!

To see more details and check current pricing you can simply click below.

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