About Me

About Me

My name is Christopher and welcome to Just Eco-Friendly!

Being Eco friendly has not always been something in my mind at all.

I would dare to say no one starts out in life understanding any of the importance of the environment and our life’s negative effects on it.

It wasn’t until I became an adult with my own family that this started to dawn on me.

If you have a family it will not take you very long to notice the sheer amount of products we use in our day to day lives.

Not only the things we use but the amount that gets thrown out and wasted.

Not Only That.

The number of things we buy and later place in the closet or on shelves never to be touched again.

The cheap items we purchase quickly being broke or tore up and thrown away.

Another pain point will come if you and your family decide to move to a new house.

Packing all this stuff that was never being used into boxes to move to another city seemed ridiculous.

We had more stuff than we had boxes to put the stuff in.

With every item placed into a box, I asked myself “Why did I even buy this?” “Was I ever going to use this again?”

All the wasted resources that it took to make and transport this product to my door, all the time making the money to buy items was overwhelming.

It all seemed terrible while thinking about the products that we bought that actually hurt or potentially hurt the environment in making and disposing of these products.

The Change…

This leads me to why I even started this website in the first place.

I believe everyone deep down if they think about it realize the same facts I realized while moving with my family.

The world is full of waste products that will never be used again or help anyone, not even the environment while sitting in landfills

This made me start looking into a different way to live.

This is what I came up with.. Minimalistic Eco-Friendly!

Think about what you buy and the causes of that purchase.

Is this a purchase just to purchase or will the item even be used as much as you think it will be?

Think about the purchase before actually spending the money and make sure it is quality and eco-friendly materials or processes.

Searching around for alternate products or services for my family to use instead of wasting so much or using products that potentially hurt the environment.

This is why I started just eco-friendly!

I wanted to start this website as a resource that everyone can see healthy eco-friendly alternatives to items they are already using.

You do not have to sacrifice living a comfortable life with items that will help the environment when you are done with them.

All For One and One For All…

Time… It is what everyone needs and never has enough of.

The world of the web can be a very daunting task while trying to look for these products.

I wanted a collective of these items, services, and companies that are actually trying to make a difference.

Companies that everyone can benefit from and also help the environment on the same hand.

Most importantly, the more people working and sharing ideas will help for a better tomorrow for our families and our future!

All the best,